Why Should A Child Learn To Play Chess?

During the growing years of a child – the parent must involve them in games. Only studying can make their mind lazy. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor games available and when it comes to chess – it can be one of the best elixirs for the growth of a child.

These days, online chess classes are there and one can figure out several benefits of playing chess both online and offline. This game is included among the most well-liked sports all over the world. Though it appears to be a board game of strategy – children do gain a lot from it. Chess is more than the board and its pieces. In fact, children who learn to play chess well also outperform regular 


Advantages Of Playing Online Chess

Chess is considered to be a cool strategy game and by learning this game

Children can make their problem-solving qualities much better. As the game is complex and imaginative one has to play it with a lot of attention and concentration. Children who start learning this game also start having fun playing the game.

Chess can help one learn more about living

Every chessboard can be considered to be a metaphor for life. One also learns to face defeat when one learns to play this game. One has to make a lot of difficult choices and also make sacrifices. They need to give up on important pieces so that they can keep the king safe. Learning this game while being a kid can help one to grow up and make difficult choices later.

  • Kids who take chess lessons can also learn some valuable life lessons outside the playing field. Bad moves mostly indicate bad life choices. Making mistakes is what humanizes one more.
  • It is said that, if a kid plays chess then they can plan and analyze a situation much better. This is because; the dendrites get stimulated while evaluating those game moves. Dendrites are the structures that surround the nerve cell’s cellular body. They get the signal from neurons and then transmit it to other cells. So, learning and practicing new skills can help the child to retain more information.
  • Just like the body, the mind also needs regular exercise. Being a parent means one should always encourage their children to take chess lessons. They can enroll them in a chess academy or make them learn chess online to have better brain development.
  • If one does not have played chess before, one must enroll in a beginner’s course. This can stimulate both the right and left sides of a child’s brain and they can have simultaneous growth of them.

Chess lessons are conducted online and so one can start learning the game sitting in the comfort of their home. As the interest keeps growing in the game – the critical thinking ability of the learner keeps increasing. In these courses, one can get to learn every move and strategy of the game from an experienced instructor and this can make them an expert in the game.

Tom Hardy

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