What Should Writers Post on Instagram?

First, define yourself. Are you a blogger, content writer, copywriter, or book writer who shares posts on Instagram from a different source? Well, whatever you are, words are your dominant weapons.

Whenever considering social media sources, Twitter, Facebook, or other communities are the first places for writing because they offer excellent services to writers.

Other incredible features of these social media networks are offering a platform for publishing writing work, increasing exposure, and getting exclusive feedback from followers.

But what about Instagram?

For all its increasing popularity and marketing potential, Instagram is a big question for writers. Writers are people of words, not pictures. They are not confirmed whether it will make sense to use this platform for identification, great exposure, and revenue. But they are wrong because of a few reasons.

  • Instagram contains 500 active users that have left behind big platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter.
  • Instagram is a perfect platform for media engagement and various brands.
  • Instagram has left behind Facebook regarding spending time because users of this platform spend almost 50 minutes per day.

Thus, writers can consider Instagram a perfect tool for writing activities. IG options let writers create the best content, approach a vast audience, brand identity, and make money from writing material.

How can writers win the Instagram platform?

Before moving ahead, first, create your account, which is free. Open Instagram.com. Add a bio, add a headshot, and also provide a link to your blog or website.

Great, you have set up your Instagram account and are ready to work with it. Let’s discuss some incredible ideas that are beneficial for writers.

Inspirational quotes

Many people love to share different quotes on their IG accounts. You can collect the best quotes from any site or magazine and post in on your profile.

But if you want to add some spice to your quotes, use image-created websites to generate attractive images that explain the leading theme of it. After adding a picture to your quote, share it with your followers.

Share the life of a writer

It is the most impressive feature if you add it to your account because followers would love to know your professional writing place.

How to write? Take the best pictures of your workspace, subway, favorite tree, or writing desk, and share them with followers. Besides, you can share the story of life on IG regarding writing tasks.

And you can include the best locations via selfies, take pics of a live experience or libraries, or add some other interesting idea of your life as a writer that is impressive for users. Click here

Ask questions

Remember, social media is nothing without social interaction because it makes sense. Therefore, ensure that engagement is a priority for your techniques source, no matter which platform you are.

Thus, asking a question is one of the effective techniques to engage users. You can ask for a character name, book suggestions, plot twists, and several new things to create the best engagement with followers.

So that users recommend you the best ideas to follow source, and they will make it exciting when you follow their recommendations. So, include asking a question in your Instagram account to attract followers.

Share what you write

Undoubtedly, Instagram is the best place for writers to share their poetry. Indeed, IG allows you to learn more through user criticism and suggested ideas.

But it doesn’t mean that IG works better for poets and writers. Of course, you can share your best writing piece to increase your followers.

For example, you can share the best dialogues, short snippets, or appealing scenes according to your character theme. Writers should never shy from writing on any platform because this is the best way to grow and polish their skills.

Idea of giveaway

Another effective trick to increase users and engagement is the giveaway idea. You can share advanced book reviews, posts, signed prints, and various related things source. Whenever you share something with someone, make sure they are eligible.

Besides, you should know how to attract users through a giveaway and announce the winner in your next post. That will be impressive and attractive to appeal to more followers because of curiosity.

Promote your writing stuff

However, it is common for people to use the idea of 80/20 in their content. It means 80% is used for content and 20% for promoting stuff on social media.

But this split should be with the 95/5 idea. It means there should be 19 posts that should be non-promotional and one promotional per month.

For example, if you publish your content daily, one or two posts should be promotional per month is more than enough for a writer. Otherwise, the user will lose interest and avoid your content.

Add hashtags tactically

Another unique way to generate interest among users is through the use of hashtags tactically. While posting on IG, whether sharing long or short thoughts, add proper hashtags.

For example, writers can include #Igwriters, #writersofinsta, #writingcommunity source, and so on, based on the post.

Remember, relevancy is compulsory for adding hashtags because specific things can attract followers. Besides, you can take help to see other writers’ profiles and use them as attractive hashtags for your posts.

Final verdict:

While using every feature correctly, your IG account can grow speedily and generate income. Besides, you can grow fast among a strongly engaged readers community if you are consistent with your posts.

Instagram is a social app, and more social mean more interaction and sharing with readers. In this way, you can generate more connections. We hope the above-quoted ideas will support growth among the Instagram audience.

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