What is a transfer and How is it different from a taxi ?

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For many travelers who choose their own way of transportation, the question arises: what is the difference between a taxi and a transfer? So, first, let’s figure out what these services are.A taxi is a car for the transport of passengers, which is paid based on the meter reading or the established rate.The transfer is a pre-booked car of the class of your choice, with a fixed rate and individually selected amenities. In the transfer, everything is coordinated with you, down to the smallest detail and Taxi to Luton Airpot

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The taxi arrives as soon as the car closest to you is free, regardless of whether you made an order in advance or not. The transfer is order in advance, at least 24 hours in advance, on the site, where a form is filled out with a detail description of what you would like to receive. The passenger’s boarding time is negotiat, which includes the so-called “courtesy waiting time” – about 45 minutes at the airport and 15 minutes in other cases – but already in agreement with the manager and Taxi to Luton Airpot .


The place of taxi and transfer is negotiate in advance, but the transfer driver will meet you personally. At the airport, you don’t have to look for him, as he will be waiting for you with a name plate.By the way, this is very convenient, since you don’t need to panic looking for a car in an unfamiliar city, worrying about how much you will be charge extra for waiting, plus the chance of becoming a victim of a dishonest taxi driver is cut off.


As we wrote above, when ordering a taxi, you cannot always be sure about the class of the car that will come for you. But with a transfer – 100% certainty that exactly the car that you have chosen will arrive, clean outside and inside, without unpleasant odors and Taxi to Luton Airpot .
For clarity, you can look at the website of the company that provides transfer transportation in different countries – Aktis.Taxi


Transfer is a personalized type of transportation. You decide what music to listen to and whether to listen to at all, whether to turn on the air conditioner, and whether you want to spend time on the road in a friendly unobtrusive conversation or in silence.
All children registered on the trip are provided with a car seat or booster.
Also, the transfer service implies the possibility of transporting disabled people, including in a wheelchair.
First of all, it should be note that transfer companies care about the safety of passengers, so drivers most often have an 8-hour work schedule. Accordingly, no fatigue, you can be sure that the driver will not fall asleep on the road.
Secondly, it’s the look. Companies have a mandatory dress code.
Thirdly, having met you with a name plate, the driver will help you carry your luggage to the car.


In a transfer, the destination and all necessary stops along the way are discuss in advance. No “Oh, can I stop here?” cannot be, unless it was agree with the manager.
Unlike a taxi, a transfer driver acts solely on instructions received from the manager. By the way, no matter which way the transfer driver chooses, it will not affect the cost in any way.
With a taxi driver, how lucky. It may well happen that during heart-to-heart conversations, which are most often conduct without your desire, you may not notice that you have travel almost the entire city twice until the time for “payback” comes.


The cost of the transfer will be known to you as soon as you enter all the necessary data in the booking form. It will be fix, unless for some reason you make changes to the order. And, as already mentioned, the cost will not change, even if the driver has to wait for you due to a flight delay or choose a longer route due to a traffic jam, accident, etc.
Well, you won’t spoil with a taxi driver: an extra stop, a slightly longer journey, a little longer wait – all these unforeseen circumstances will affect your wallet.


The transfer can be pay in advance, in whole or in part, so as not to worry about cash. Or the driver on the spot in the currency of the country where you are. At the same time, as we have already mentioned, you will know the amount payable in advance, and it will not change.
Taxi driver you most often pay in fact.
In conclusion, I would like to note that both methods are good in order to quickly get to the place. The difference is only in your comfort, reliability and confidence that everything will go as planned and Luton Taxi Service .

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