Use Coconut Oil For Infants— Here’s Why!

Medium-chain triglycerides, which are abundant in cold pressed coconut oil, have various therapeutic and pharmacological effects. For various reasons, many parents are thinking of giving coconut oil to their infants. In meals designed for critically sick and preterm newborns, this nutrient-rich oil is typically utilized as the main source of fat. However, it is frequently used for skin and hair care in healthy infants. However, due to the scarcity of studies on the safety and effectiveness of coconut oil for newborns and babies, visiting a doctor or qualified nutritionist is essential if you wish to add the oil to baby meals.

Coconut Oil Uses for Babies

Given the variety of coconut oils on the market, selecting the appropriate oil type for your infant depends on whether it will be applied topically or consumed orally.

Cradle Cap

Several babies get cradle caps or dry scalps in the first few weeks following delivery. The symptoms of the illness include a flaky, irritated scalp that looks like your child has dandruff. Therefore, applying coconut oil to your baby’s scalp and concentrating on the cradle cap-affected area may relieve the problem. Keep the oil on to break up the scale for 20 minutes or overnight if required. After removing the flakes with a baby comb or hairbrush featuring soft bristles, rinse your baby’s hair with warm water.

Hair Care

In-vivo and in-vitro treatments with coconut oil were shown in a report published in The Journal of Cosmetic Science to prevent combing damage to different hair types. The study also showed significant proportions of lauric acid in coconut oil. Lauric acid has a strong affinity for hair proteins and can enter the hair shaft because of its low molecular weight and unique structure. As you explore a baby’s hair care routine, coconut oil might be possible.


Infestations of head lice are bothersome, contagious issues. Although few studies demonstrate coconut oil’s effectiveness, many individuals still use it as a treatment. However, you can attempt a coconut oil-based home treatment to combat lice infestations. Rinse your baby’s hair with apple cider vinegar (ACV). Allow it to remain in the hair until it naturally dries. Apply coconut oil to the baby’s hair once the vinegar has dried, being careful to coat every strand. Place a shower cap over your baby’s head if possible. Allow the coconut oil to remain on the scalp for as long as possible if that is not feasible and your child wants to remove the shower cap.

Wrapping Up

Baby and kid skin can be safely exposed to coconut oil for infants, particularly virgin coconut oil.It could decrease their symptoms and hydrate their delicate skin.Additionally, coconut oil smells wonderful and has no extra chemicals or fragrances. (As if you weren’t already tempted to gobble your adorable infant whole!)

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