Top Event Ticketing Platforms To Improve The Check-In Process

Event Ticketing

The creation and sale of tickets as well as the tracking and management of the guest list are all made easier by event ticketing software. The majority of ticketing platforms provide only the most fundamental functionality, but a few go above and above by providing more complex features. Examples include the ability for some event ticketing systems to integrate with attendee check-in and name badge generation, as well as a mobile event app for networking and engagement with attendees. Other features include the ability to customize ticketing question forms and confirmation emails for various ticket types. As you are aware, it might be difficult for an event organizer to sell tickets.

For this reason, we’ve put up a list of the top event ticketing platform that every event organizer should check out. All of the applications we’ve selected will help you sell more event tickets while saving you a tonne of time.


Another well-known event ticketing website on the market is Eventbrite. It offers all the resources required to organize a successful event. No matter the size of the event, the program is easy to use and perfect for event registration. Additionally, you can develop a variety of ticket kinds at various price points to distinguish between target markets and vary your marketing efforts. The main draw of Eventbrite is its event marketplace, where users can browse events in their area or that interest them and buy tickets immediately. A global audience is welcomed by including both physical and virtual events, which is especially appropriate given the pandemic’s peak.

It is simple to see how events function in real-time thanks to the software’s strong analytics. It also has excellent marketing capabilities because you can launch conversion campaigns and integrate the software with your preferred social media channels. Eventbrite is ideal for intimate gatherings. However, high ticket prices may be a problem for medium-sized to large organizations.


Dreamcast is a great choice if you’re seeking an all-in-one event management system that can manage numerous events each year with thousands of people. Since the organization works with medium-sized and large businesses, you can be sure that they provide excellent customer service. One of the best and most affordable options for an event registration system is Dreamcast. However, the additional expense might be justified by the peace of mind you’ll experience as a result of having access to a vast array of event management tools, including an advanced ticketing and registration system. At Dreamcast, the array of event marketing tools at your disposal includes more than just registration. Details and information about attendees can be recorded. To increase conversion, the experience must be seamless and user-friendly, yet flexible enough to allow organizers to embed outside widgets and create new websites.


Accelevents is another event ticketing platform. For those hosting events, it provides a wide range of services. Event organizers can start by personalizing their own event website and adding unique ticket and registration options to offer to attendees. Additionally, Accelevents has certain integrations with their collection of fundraising tools, including text-to-donate campaigns, donation pages, and mobile silent auctions. You may sell tickets to your fundraising event and collect donations or bids for an auction at the same time thanks to the platform’s integration of its fundraising suite with the event ticketing features.


Eventzilla offers the ability to sell tickets through the platform directly as well as through an event’s website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and more as an all-in-one online event registration solution. There is no need to manage any paper with mobile check-in alternatives, including QR codes on tickets. The instant payout provided by Eventzilla is another advantage. The payment is promptly delivered to your account after processing. Additionally, you can maintain a waiting list to assist swiftly resale of unused tickets to interested parties and establish discount codes to provide potential attendees with reduced prices. Contact lists can be imported and there is integration with a number of email systems. The attendee list can also be exported and used for other purposes, such as lead generation for future events.

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One of the easiest ticketing software you’ll ever encounter is Purplepass. It includes all the features you could possibly want in a ticketing system for sizable events of all types, including multi-day, ongoing, and free events. If you anticipate that your event may encounter some hiccups or that this is your first time hosting an event of this size, Purplepass’ excellent customer service will ensure that you are well taken care of. This makes the firm the ideal choice for service-based companies with particular event needs.

There are choices for assigned seating, ticket transfer, and ticket status, as well as several ticket tiers. On the platform, you can also find tracking codes for finding effective promotional channels as well as discount vouchers. It also includes a smartphone app made to make selling, scanning, and reporting on sales of tickets easier. The app offers a dynamic view of all units sold and processes various payment methods (cash, credit card, etc.) and refunds.

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