The Most Expensive CSGO Skins of All Time and Why They’re Worth the Investment

The Most Expensive CSGO Skins of All Time and Why They're Worth the Investment

At the beginning of the century, few would have predicted that digital art in 2D or 3D format could be worth thousands of dollars. Like the non-fungible crypto tokens, even CSGO skins and items are joining the class of high-value digital assets.

It’s no wonder that a few skins have high value, making them collector’s items and an excellent financial investment. Here are the most expensive CSGO skins that lucky users have traded.

The Case Hardened Karambit (Blue Gem)

It’s the most highly-priced skin in CSGO. There was even an attempt to buy the skin for $1.4 million from the person who owns it. The owner who owns it purchased it for almost $100,000. So why is it expensive?

The simple answer is that it’s a rare knife. The game‘s developers introduced this knife skin in 2013 as part of the arms deal update. Its most distinct feature is a blue hue which can be seen across the entire length of the blade hence the name Blue Gem.

The AWP Gungnir

The AWP Gungnir is a fabulous-looking skin that catches the eye of anyone who sees it. Inspired by Norse mythology, along the rifle’s length is Odin’s mighty spear. It also has a pearlescent blue pattern that looks like frost.

It’s a unique AWP skin because it’s one of the two that change color, so owning one is a good investment. To get the skin, the minimum amount you need is about $4,000, but it can reach upwards of $12,000.

However, don’t let the price discourage you from owning it. Learn more here about where you can stake your skins for a chance to buy more expensive skins like the AWP Gungnir.

AK-47 Fire Serpent

The Avtomat Kalashnikova is a widely loved and used assault rifle in the CSGO game. For this reason, the developers introduced the fire serpent skin in 2013 in the Bravo update. It features a green snake on the side of the firearm next to what appears to be smoke.

To get the fire serpent, you have to part with a minimum of $400 which can range upwards of $10,000 depending on various factors like demand and supply.

Sport Gloves (Pandoras Box)

Do you want to look cool and sleek in a pair of gloves while holding your rifle in a CSGO game? The Pandora’s Box Sport Gloves will give you that look. You can find them in a Glove or Operation Hydra Case.

The gloves debuted in the game in 2016 with the Brothers In Arms update. They’re purple and black with a pattern on the palm side.

To get them, you’ll need to part with a minimum of $1,100, up to $20,000. They are worth the purchase because they look good, especially when contrasted with a different colored firearm.

Are High-Value Skins Worth the Investment?

Even though some CSGO skins are more expensive than some vehicles, they’re worth the investment. Reasons contributing to skins’ price include their rarity, condition, pattern, stickers, demand, and supply.

These factors usually combine and influence each other to paint an estimated skin value. Sometimes these factors may push the price of skin 100 times more than its worth within a short period. You can sell the skin and cash out with good profits if you own it.

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