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Scheels Fargo

Lots of different options for shopping, dining, and having fun! Before this, we didn’t believe our neighborhood Scheels Fargo could get much better, but they surprised us.

They just renovated and expanded by more than 40,000 square feet, so now it has!

Expanding Their Business

However, sporting goods stores seem to be growing in this economic climate while many others are closing their doors. Families now have a great opportunity to get out of the weather, thanks to the competition between the major chains.

We decided to pop by Scheels to see what new weird goods they may have. Including our grandkids gave us a sense of how things were received across generations. They offers Scheels Military Discount on their products.

Youth Clothing & Youth Shoes

After extensive renovations, the Scheels Fargo is now the largest retailer of children’s and young people’s apparel and footwear in the greater Fargo-Moorhead region.


If you’re in Fargo and you’re looking to satisfy your sweet appetite, you should definitely check out the freshly refurbished Scheels Fargo. Everyone may discover a sweet that reminds them of their childhood here, from modern faves to the tried-and-true.

Famous brands like Jelly Belly and Dippin’ Dots share shelf space with handmade specialties created by the shop’s employees. Caramel apples and hand-dipped chocolates are two of the most popular treats.

Buy Online & Pick Up In Store

Scheels Fargo has added a BOPIS area at the front door for more convenient shopping. In most cases, we can ship and deliver your order of clothes, shoes, bikes, basketball goals, trampolines, and more in as little as two hours.

When you use the SCHEELS app, you can make digital wish lists, earn digital rewards, and more, making online buying even easier.


When you’re done shopping, stop into Ginna’s Café to refuel. Gourmet soups, sandwiches, fudge, and coffee are all available at this SCHEELS’ staple (bags can be purchased to brew at home and drinks are half-priced between 9 and 10 a.m.)

Toy Shop

Toys have their own department in the basement of SCHEELS, beside Fuzziwig’s Candy Shop and the kid’s apparel racks. Make sure your kid’s visit to Scheels Fargo is especially memorable by taking care of all three at once.

The Exercise Shop

The upgraded fitness store has moved to the ground level! That’s a lot of room for additional instruments, vitamins, diet, and equipment for recuperation.

The Renovated Gun Room

A premium gun room with collector guns, a new gun customer service/checkout area, and a new contemporary sports firearms room are all part of the updated gun room at SCHEELS.

Additionally, Scheels Fargo top floor has interactive activities that the entire family may enjoy.

New Photo Ops

The items at Scheels Fargo are just part of what makes a trip there worthwhile. The freshly renovated shop provides a number of great backdrops for snapping pictures and sharing them with loved ones on social media.

Current Chairman

Great-great-grandson Great-grandson Steve M. Scheel is the current CEO of SCHEELS, with Steve D. Scheel serving as Chairman of the Board. It is President Todd Anderson’s responsibility to oversee the over 10,000 personnel that make up SCHEELS’ day-to-day operations.

You Must Be Kidding

Crystal recommended going to Scheels Fargo so we did. Their unique forms of entertainment were a key selling factor for her. Without a doubt, the 65-foot inside Ferris wheel is the most interesting attraction.

I, too, give a resounding inside. The heart of the structure is devoted to a massive atrium. They’ll need one in order to bring the thing inside.

As soon as we walked inside the store, our eyes were drawn to the massive aquarium that ran the whole length of the building. Since the wait wasn’t too lengthy, Crystal and our granddaughter Scheels Fargo decided to get in line for it. The admission fee of $1.00 seemed reasonable to us.

Ferris Wheel

The greatest feature of Scheels Fargo is undoubtedly the enormous Ferris wheel. The inside-located Ferris wheel is a great addition. Each token costs $1 and may be bought at either of the two cash registers situated at the store’s entrances.

I and my friends recently spent fifteen minutes in line at the Ferris wheel, which is located on Scheels. With a minimum height limit of 36 inches, mom stayed on the floor with her baby. Even though the line to ride the Ferris wheel was quite lengthy, our 3-year-old nonetheless had a great time.

Sweet Ending

We had been on our exploration trip for quite some time and decided it was time to treat ourselves. We left the eatery and headed for the deli and candy shop below. More than a dozen kinds of fudge are only one example of the many sweets available.

Those with heartier appetites could also get gelato and deli goods on Scheels Fargo, not far from where I was standing. The kids hurried out of the store with their purchases. On our approach to the car, we passed by several bronze statues outside the building.

Fargo Ice Fishing In Scheels Arena

Scheels Fargo Arena is hosting the Fargo Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show for the fourth time. Over ninety-five exhibitors will be set up at Scheels Arena and the adjacent Farmers Union Arena for this weekend’s event.

Everyone under the age of 12 gets in for free. Tickets cost $12 each day or $36 for the weekend. Visitors to the expo may check out the ice fishing industry’s newest products, including the biggest indoor wheelhouse display.

Show director Tony Aloia said, “There is also custom rod builders, custom painters, there is just a little bit of everything and stuff that you don’t really see every day.” People may not only see what’s new this year, but also meet with tour operators and hotels to plan their next vacation.

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