Is It Worth Buying Databases From Data Selling Companies In Malaysia?

The most factual aspect of data being the new oil in the 21st century lies in its crudeness. Only those who know how to collect quality data and cleanse it stand to benefit, while others swim in losses despite having data. Businesses in Malaysia are paying top dollar to buy a database from vendors to minimise losses, save time and access polished and actionable data. While this approach has some downsides, the benefits outweigh the negatives. Therefore, businesses in Malaysia must understand whether buying databases from data-selling companies is worth it or not.

When to Buy Databases from Data Selling Companies

Collecting business data is always challenging for most enterprises since they lack advanced analytics tools. As a result, these enterprises end up with erratic, low-quality, barely actionable databases. Buying a B2B database simplifies lead generation for B2B enterprises in Malaysia to grow their sales.

Therefore, buying a database from reliable data selling companies in Malaysia is worthwhile for building a high-growth business. This data also facilitates expansion through B2B lead generation with marketing campaigns that directly target potential clients. Databases offered by data companies also undergo thorough cleansing to eliminate errors and maintain relevance and consistency.

Importance of Buying Database

  • Reliable Source of New Prospects

Buying database lists is a definitive way to get new prospects. Access to a quality database provides a seamless way to grow prospects through well-planned marketing strategies. Database companies in Malaysia provide rich, detailed data that most businesses can barely compile independently.

This challenge entirely rests on the technicality of researching to learn more about prospective clients. Therefore, buying a B2B database eliminates the research phase while delivering the exact information needed for fuelling marketing campaigns.

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  • Access to Curated B2B Lists

Data-selling companies collaborate with companies across all industries in Malaysia. As a result, businesses gain more access to data that aligns with their target market. Data companies emphasise the particularity of B2B lists, email lists, contact lists, etc., instead of vast data that does not fit respective buyer personas. Businesses can purchase a database from a provider by specifying their desired contact lists.

  • Effortless Acceleration of MQLs to SQLs

The type of database a B2B business holds determines how effectively it converts marketing-qualified leads (MQL) to sales-qualified leads (SQL). Therefore, the necessity of buying a database revolves around transforming the MQLs. In addition, data-selling companies provide intentional data highlighting buyers’ status and how to engage them.

This data accurately pinpoints the sales journey of the MQLs, making it easier for businesses to target customers straightforwardly. In addition, enterprises can further target buyers by tracking their activities on platforms where they are most active to accelerate the conversion of MQLs to SQLs.

  • Unlimited Access to Intuitive Solutions

A sheer volume of data is only useful if it is backed by quality since only quality data streamlines B2B lead generation. Unfortunately, most companies jeopardise their marketing strategies by focusing on a database without scrutinising its quality.

Data-selling companies in Malaysia present large volumes of accurate, filtered, objective and actionable data. In addition, these companies collect data from multiple sources to facilitate intuitive solutions for all marketing efforts. As a result, sales and marketing teams can objectively target prospects likely for high-value leads.

How to Locate a Trustworthy Data Selling Company

  • Check for Company Reputation

In this age of internet connectivity, it is easy to weed out unscrupulous vendors. Businesses must only buy a database from reputable companies that value transparency. Testimonials from reviewers are enough to highlight the quality of service the vendor offers. Additionally, recommendations from other pages are also sufficient for validating a data-selling company.

  • Free Trial Databases

Only a handful of data-selling companies in Malaysia offer free trial services to businesses transacting for the first time. As a result, these businesses can gauge the databases’ quality, prompting them to buy services. It also acts as a form of due diligence to give a clear picture of the possible partnership between the business and the database vendor.

  • Quality Database

A data vendor’s reputation may only partially reflect the quality of their databases. Therefore, selecting a company that breaks down data into marketing niches, industries, and buyer personas is crucial. A reliable company builds custom data solutions to meet its clients’ marketing needs.

A quality B2B database is the cornerstone for result-driven marketing campaigns for business-to-business enterprises. Collecting and presenting quality data requires more effort in a digital economy with constantly flowing information. Therefore, buying a B2B database offers Malaysian businesses a cost-effective and result-oriented alternative. Businesses outsourcing to data-selling companies are guaranteed to stay ahead of the competition while the rest catch up.

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