Instagram Follower Growth Behind Influencer Marketing

Instagram Follower Growth

Instagram from energy drinks to high fashion, brands of all sorts are utilizing social media influencers to reinforce their user engagement. By opting to work with an Instagram follower increase service, companies are seeing immediate outcomes through clearly accomplishing a bigger target audience.

We’ve finally found out sufficient approximately this phenomenon to inform you how those influencer-advertising campaigns are being priced, and the numbers that element into what you’re procuring.

Influencer’s Following Means Greater Instagram Follower Growth

The biggest issue that ultimately comes to a decision how a good deal an influencer can price in keeping with subsidized post is their quantity of fans.

This is their preliminary appeal to brands and a difficult quantity of how many users will engage with their submit and your product, and how much Instagram follower growth you’ll have.

A commonplace rule of thumb for influencer groups to gage fees is $1,000 in keeping with 100,000 followers.

Do be aware that that is very fundamental and types are inclined to pay appreciably extra or less depending at the product or degree of engagement the profile sees.

According to a recent study by using Influence.Co, influencers normally rate everywhere from $82.60 to $763.30 for posts.

For reference, users with much less than 1,000 fans see the shorter cease of the stick while high profile customers with one 100,000 followers or more can absolutely make a dwelling off of Instagram.

Celebrities are also taking benefit of this influencer possibility. As opposed to corporations going via an Instagram increase carrier to find influencers, manufacturers are recognized to pay celebs hundreds for a single post.

According to Marketing Week, Kendall Jenner turned into one of the top superstar social endorsers in 2016.

Don’t sounds like a awful advertising method when you have the overhead.


Different manufacturers appeal to exclusive audiences, and a few followings just show up to be large and more various than others.

The identical look at via Influence.Co examined the top ten maximum famous niches on Instagram and the influencers who promote within each realm.

On common, modeling and health influencers acquire 141,563 fans, making their area the maximum popular. That said, a sponsored put up earns them $434 on common.

Other sizable categories studied were fashion, pictures, meals, design, track and pets. Landing sadly at the bottom of the listing changed into music.

On average, distinguished track-primarily based bills get hold of 26,403 fans and $201 in line with sponsored publish.

What this indicates for brands is that they need to very well research each influencer before opting to pay them for promoting your product.

Instagram users develop this type of robust emotional courting with their favorite celebs or social media influencers.

Unknowingly, we take more suggestion from distinguished Internet personalities than maximum marketing campaigns, because of the timely behind-the-scenes feeling they offers us.

Thusly, now greater than ever, brands of all nature have to start paying close attention to Instagram tendencies and personalities to locate the best outlets for their merchandise.


Opting for a male or female influencer to represent your company is completely depending on your logo. However, the numbers behind the two may come as a wonder.

The social assumption at the back of phrases like “social media influencer” or “Instagram version” is normally female. That said, female influencers typically charge much less in step with sponsored submit than men.

This could very well be due to fluctuating demand in this growing discipline.

According to Influence.Co, the common lady influencer fees $218 in line with submits while male influencers price $358 on common.

Don’t let these numbers scare or discourage your from capitalizing in this fruitful age of virtual advertising and marketing. As you presently have a reference for a way tons you click here to be procuring actual publicity and Instagram follower boom.

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