How to Make Your Office Feel More Like Home

How to Make Your Office Feel More Like Home

While working, it is important to be efficient as you possibly can and you achieve that through a positive atmosphere. In some ways, your office is your second home and it is important to feel like that, after all, it is part of your daily routine. Here are some tips on how to create an office that feels like a home.

Personalize your office

  As I previously said, your office is your second home. Home Is made by the people that live in it, your family. Bring something that reminds you of the people you love, it can be a family photo or a Christmas card that you’re kid wrote years ago, it doesn’t matter, and the possibilities are endless. Also, you can bring your personal belongings that you can use while you are taking your break. For example, musicians tend to bring an instrument to their work environment which they play during their break shift. This helps whit your morale, and it also calms you down. If you don’t play an instrument, you can bring a few CDs of your favorite band or a book. Experiment with different things and with time, you will make a perfect office for yourself.

Decorate the walls

Walls can be dull and depressing, especially if they are one color.

I’ve spoken about Music, now it’s time for art, and by adding some pictures to your walls, you will break the monotony of the room and it will create a certain vibe of your space. The art itself will depend on the atmosphere which you aspire to create, perhaps you want something that calms you down or something a bit dramatic, either way, it will make your office feel more clean and classy. The positive side of paintings is that they are great conversation starters, and they are an awesome thing to choose as a decoration. They will be an interesting asset to your office and you will appear as someone knowledgeable, and like a person that has a classy style, in business, this is always a positive.

Soften up The Room

  If you striving to create a home feel, you will need a soft, fluffy carpet. By adding a soft carpet, you will warm up the space and the office will get the home vibe that you are looking for. You should choose the color of the carpet depending on the furniture that you already have in the office. The ideal thing is to make a contrast of colors and combine the color of the furniture whit your fluffy carpet. The negative side of carpets is that they tend to get dirty, especially the nice and fluffy ones. Most of the stains will be from the beverages like coffee or juice, but, hiring a carpet cleaner once in a while is a small price to pay if you are looking to get that cozy vibe.

Adjust the Space Lightning

  This is a weird one, but, it is a good thing to consider. Modern lights can be aggressive and if you are coming early in the morning they can even be disturbing. When you wake up, your eyes need time to adjust, and aggressive lights are okay later on in the day. You should consider using an accent lamp as they tend to have a warmer and more relaxing glow which is perfect for the early morning. If you are not a fan of lamps, or generally harsh lights, maybe you should consider going “natural”. So, you just use roller blinds to control the amount of light in your office. You can block out light by using roller blinds, this is a lifesaver in the peak of the day when the sun is at its peak. Besides its functional use, you can also use it as a sort of decoration. You can par the color of the roller blinds whit the rest of the office, but it is best to use neutral colors like white because white color reflects light the most. 

Add Plants

  Every room needs a plant or two. It is always nice to walk into a room that has plants in it, there is something relaxing about plants. Maybe they remind us of nature and its beauty. Anyway, your only responsibility is to keep it alive. If that is too hard on you, try to find a plant that will thrive without natural light or a plant that doesn’t need a lot of water to survive. If you tend to forget minor things like watering plants, then a cactus is a perfect plant for you. I strongly recommend you find a list of plants and see which one suits you the most. You will probably end up with a few, just be careful not to go, ower board!

  Also, if you are planning to choose 3 or 4 plants, consider the style of the office. Don’t get a cactus and a bonsai, try to pair up with the rest of the stuff that is in your office, and if this is too hard for you, just do whatever you want! In the end, this is your office and you make the rules.

Consider aromatherapy

  Sometimes, work can be stressful, and you just need a bit of time to relax. Aromatherapy is a great way to achieve that, in the time of your break you can light up a candle or use diffusing essential oils. Try to find a scent that reminds you of your home, something that makes your mind feel at ease. If you are lighting the candles be careful, after all, you are in the office and there is a ton of easily flammable material. The best place for a candle is an isolated area like a desk, or near the window. Also, the smell of the oils can stimulate your brain to be more productive, but put that aside, it is fun and will remind you of your loved ones. That feeling will help you to go through a hard day when you don’t feel like working, lets are honest, they do exist. 

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