How to Draw A Skeleton Easily

Draw A Skeleton

How to Draw A Skeleton. Oddly, skeletons have become a symbol of horror and terror when you think about it because we all have one in our bodies!

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These complex structures hold us together and keep us going, and because of all the 206 bones, they can be quite difficult to draw!

Despite serving an important purpose in our bodies, they have been associated with Halloween and horror movies.

Read on if you are a ghost enthusiast and want to learn how to draw one!

How to Draw A Skeleton

Step 1

Let’s start this guide on how to draw a skeleton at the top!

We’ll start with the skull, and it’s worth noting that for this guide, you should refer very closely to our reference images as you draw.

Some of these items can be tricky, but if you take your time, I know you can do it!

The skull has a rounded top, as you can see in our reference image. Two hard lines will then come out for the cheekbones, and you can draw another rounded line for the jaw underneath.

Step 2

We’ll focus a little more on the skull for this part of the skeleton design. First, draw circles to form the eye sockets of the skull.

So you can use a small curved boomerang for the nose under the eyes. Next, use some small curvy shapes to shape the toothy mouth underneath.

Finally, you can draw the segmented neck bones under the skull as they appear in the skeleton drawing image.

Step 3

This next step of how to draw a skeleton guide looks complicated, but it’s pretty easy if you do it step by step.

First, draw some thin straight bones from under the neck to make some shoulder bones. Next, you want to create the central chest bone that looks like a bold “Y.”

Once you have that, you can carefully draw each rib out of that central bone and then round towards the center.

It might sound not very easy, but if you look closely at the reference image, it’s easier than it looks! There should be four ribs on each side, and the picture will show you how big or small each should be.

Step 4

We’ve drawn your skeleton’s head, shoulders, and chest, so let’s move down to the hips. First, lengthen the spine a bit by drawing some small segments on it.

Next, you can draw the hip bone, a butterfly shape with some circles for the holes near the bottom.

Step 5

It’s time to go back up when we draw some arms in this fifth step of our guide on drawing a skeleton.

The arms consist of a larger bone at the top and a slightly smaller, thinner one at the bottom.

Step 6

Now that you have the arm bones, you can draw some hands for the skeleton design.

The hands have a single rounded shape for the wrists, and then you can add segmented fingers and thumbs.

Step 7

The leg bones are drawn similarly to the arm bones in step 5.

The main difference is that they are longer than the arms, and of course, they also come from the lower hip bone.

Step 8

You’re almost ready to move on to the ninth and final step of this how-to guide on how to draw a skeleton!

Before we do that, let’s add a few feet to your skeleton. These are segmented similarly to hands.

They consist of two main sections, larger and have some fingers at the end.

Once drawn, you’re almost drawn the skeleton! Before we continue, you could design a fun background to match your skeleton!

Step 9

Now that your skeleton is fully drawn, it’s time to color it in! We used a simple gray color scheme for our image, but you should feel free to use your imagination for this image.

If you’re particularly ambitious, try using a different color for each bone in the skeleton!

If you have drawn a background or additional elements, you can also color them.

I would use watercolors for a more muted, ghostly feel, but it would also look great in some lighter mediums!

Your Skeleton Drawing is Finished!

Tom Hardy

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