Does Taking Buy Eszopiclone Tablets Make You Sleepy?

Insomnia and sleeping problems are becoming more common these days and people are looking for remedies and treatment. Eszopiclone is one of the possible solutions to sleep problems and is used for the treatment of insomnia. But before you buy Eszopiclone, you must know whether it makes you sleepy or not and the correct dosage. 

What Is Eszopiclone?

Eszopiclone creates a relaxation effect and makes you fall asleep as well as helps to keep a person asleep. Being a sedative medicine, Eszopiclone is used as a treatment for insomnia. 

Before You Buy Eszopiclone

You should avoid using eszopiclone if you have a history of allergic reactions to this medicine or any other related medicine, or an ingredient in this medicine. Another situation to avoid eszopiclone is if you took any sleep medicine earlier and it made you perform activities while sleeping that you don’t remember afterwards.

You should not buy eszopiclone or use it if you are younger than 18 years. Before using this medicine, inform your doctor about these things:

  • You are suffering from a breathing disorder
  • You are diagnosed with kidney or liver disease
  • You are troubled with mental illness, anxiety, depression, or have thoughts about suicide 
  • You have been involved in alcohol or drug abuse

Also inform your doctor if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Can Eszopiclone Make You Sleepy?

This is a sleep medicine and causes sedative and relaxing effects. In older adults, the sedative effects of this medicine are stronger. Therefore, the elderly should be careful after taking this medicine as they may face accidental falls and injuries due to the strong sedative effects of this medicine. 

How Eszopiclone Works?

This medicine is a sedative-hypnotic drug and works in a similar way as other medicines in this group. The exact working of eszopiclone is not known, but it increases the levels of calming chemicals in the brain called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and slows down the activity of the brain, thus inducing sleep. 

It is important to take this medicine only when you can have 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep ahead before you need to wake up again. It is also important to take this medicine just before going to bed and don’t take it earlier. 

Is Alcohol Usage Safe With Eszopiclone?

It is not recommended to use alcohol while on treatment with eszopiclone.  This is because it can increase the side effects of this medicine, such as sleepiness, drowsiness, and confusion. You should not take this medicine if you even consumed alcohol earlier during the evening. 

Which Foods Can Interact With Eszopiclone?

You should know about the food interactions before you buy eszopiclone as they can alter the working of this medicine. You should avoid taking a heavy, high-fat meal just before or just after taking this medicine as it can decrease the effectiveness of this medicine. 

Which Medicines Can Interact With Eszopiclone?

You should tell your doctor whether you are using any of these medicines, as they can alter the way eszopiclone works or cause serious side effects:

  • Herbal medicines such as melatonin, valerian, St. John’s Wort, and kava kava
  • Medicines to treat fungal infections, such as fluconazole, ketoconazole, and itraconazole
  • Lorazepam
  • Olanzapine

Where To Buy Eszopiclone?

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