Here are 10 Tips and Tricks to Make Great Customized Boxes

Customized Boxes

Your branded package may create a lasting impression or be forgotten and discarded. We want it to be unforgettable. We want people to like it so much that they retain the box. We’ve gotten Customized Boxes in the mail that now contains images, and my kid has a few that she keeps her treasures in. We spoke with three designers who shared excellent design methods and typical design blunders.

1. Change Up Your Artwork

If you’re sending out a monthly package, change the visuals once a month. If it seems too complicated, consider changing according to the seasons. People’s reasons for shopping alter throughout the year, which implies your marketing plan should also alter. So, be creative and have fun with your design! (For ideas, check out our Instagram, art galleries, Pinterest, or just about anyplace.)

2. Add Social Media Usernames Someplace.

It will be one of the first places people search for you. It’s also a simple technique to attract visitors to your website.

3. Carefully Size Your Package To Save Shipping Expenses.

It’s not always true that one size fits all, and sending anything in an overly large package can just cost you money. FedEx and UPS employ dimensional weight pricing. (This means they’ll charge you based on how much room your Customized Boxes takes up in their vehicle, rather than how much it weighs.) We deal with a few firms who even vary the size of their box each month to ensure it suits the items they are sending.

4. Use Spell-Check.

Verify your spelling on the box you want till you are satisfied. You wouldn’t believe how many drawings we’ve received with misspelled terms. You’ll give the impression that your organization is sloppy and doesn’t put forth any effort.

5. Try Something New

Try something with eye-catching patterns, text, or colors, even if it’s just a tiny portion of the package. The Unboxing Experience is a REAL phenomenon, and people are sharing footage of Customize box openings at an alarming pace. Make something as engaging as what you’re putting inside.

6. Try to Include Print Inside The Box.

What a pleasant surprise for your client! You may put features on both the interior and the exterior for a fantastic box. We’ve also seen many folks leave the surface of the box plain and instead develop a creative interior design.

7. Ask For Professional Help Rather You Shy To Ask

Dare to inquire! Request feedback from friends and coworkers on your design, and it is sometimes advantageous to have a second pair of eyes. If you have particular design questions, we’d love to help and give a professional designer to aid with the layout, color, and design evaluations.

8. Add Some Personalized Insertions

Inserts in your Customized Boxes not only offer a clean, elegant look, but they also provide additional protection during storage and transit. (This eliminates the need for extra bubble or paper packing.) Inserts are a terrific method to break up your packaging and make the contents stand out if you have goods that need to be in various areas.

Customize Boxes has a team of structural designers to develop these unique inserts for your box. These would be made at our facility and mailed with your purchase.


Some items may seem okay on-screen, but text less than 10 points might look hazy when printed, mainly if the font is thin.

10. Do Not Use A Pixilated Image

It simply won’t print nicely. Promise! A pixilated picture might occur inadvertently when a low-resolution image created for an ordinary computer monitor is expanded for printing, and each pixel becomes independently visible on your customized boxes.

We usually identify this kind of photos. You will be requested to provide a higher-quality image; however, all artwork and image resolution should be no less than 300 dpi for optimum results.


Take a peek at your customized packaging. Is it possible to add anything to this list? Is there anything that needs to be updated? Try our team once if you want customized boxes for your business. If you’re still stumped as to where to begin, remember #7. We are here to assist you. Thanks

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