Do You Want Custom Butter Paper For Your Business?

A Sandwitch inside the butter paper bag

We suggest you buy from us because we are the best option for you in terms of quality and rates. We simultaneously provide you with superior quality at low rates, which is impossible with other packaging solutions. If you are interested in buying custom printed butter paper from us, order as soon as possible. Because we are offering a flat discount in all ranges of custom boxes due to the new year sale 2023 at wholesale. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and confirm your order now.

Custom wax paper bags with printed logo

Nowadays, printed custom paper bags are in fashion and demand. But printed ink is harmful to human health and can be spread easily. Which is detrimental to human health and food quality and taste. Don’t worry. You don’t need to think about such issues with Urgent boxes. Our custom wax paper bags are made up of food-grade material. Due to that, they are not harmful to human consumption and directly interact with food. Also, our wax paper bags are highly durable, so the ink does not spread over them.

Custom wax paper bags with sticker logos

Besides printing logos on wax paper bags, you can also use printed stickers. They look trendy and modern appearance on custom wax paper bags. And you can quickly close the bag by placing it on the wax paper bag opening. You can also place it on the front side of the wax paper bag.

Get dreaming shades with PMS and CMYK colour schemes

We have the most demanding and preferable colour schemes in the packaging industry. They give dreaming shades you have imagined for printing. You can choose any of them. The CMYK is more economical than PMS colour schemes. But PMS has infinite shading options.

Use advanced printing methods with Urgent Boxes.

The printed logos represent your brand standard in the market. What if it’s unbalanced and not printed accurately the way it should? All money on printing will be wasted.  Such happenings are impossible with Urgent boxes. We have advanced printing methods which make ideal printing possible. And provides your ink-spreading dull shades and unbalanced prints free packaging.

Throw out harmful materials for nature’s safety (promote go green)

No one is unaware of the effects of carbon effluence on nature and promoting pollution and global warming. If it cannot be stopped or controlled, we may face massive destruction in the future. Being nature lovers and supporters, Urgent boxes have taken the initiative many years ago to use eco-friendly materials, which are recyclable and harmful substances free. And does not affect nature. Also, they are sustainable and durable for excellent packaging. When nature-free material is enough to meet your needs, why use toxic material for packaging?  If you think the same and are worried about the planet’s future, skip poisonous materials from your lives. Be part of the Urgent boxes go green campaign and use environment-friendly material because we don’t have planet B. It not just helps to save nature but also benefits your business.

How eco-friendly material benefits your business?
  • Compared with other packaging materials like plastic, tin, etc., eco-friendly material is economical.
  • Nowadays, most people and nature-supportive organizations strictly stand against non-environment-friendly material businesses. They have banned using their products, and people appreciate them for that and follow them in that campaign. If we talk about the current scenario, it’s an initiative and not trending now. But that may take hype in the future. If you start using eco-friendly material, you will not come on their hate list.
  • Nature-free material helps to improve your business reputation among nature lovers.
  • If you plan to spread your business worldwide, you may need to avoid rejection because of using non-nature-free material. It’s because many countries do support non-nature-free packaging.

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