Custom Acrylic Keychain Designs: 3 Ideas & How to Personalize | Guide

If you’re one of those amazing people who love art, you’d pretty much like the idea of having an aesthetic keychain instead of a regular one. Who doesn’t own a keychain? Anyone who has got a car and a home and goes to the office needs keys. And keychains help them put together their keys. But what if you turn those simple-looking keychains into something really eye-catching? Wouldn’t that be good?

In this article, we will share three aesthetic designs of custom acrylic keychains. You’ll also learn how to make the keychain customized even better using various artistic methods.

Custom keychains have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their durability and low cost. There are a variety of unique designs that we can create with acrylic, so there is sure to be one that fits your needs.

Keychains with the shape of your choice

Yes! You heard that right. You literally make any keychain shape, whether it’s a flower, a complex pattern, or a cartoon character. Any shape can be made using the Cricut. And the best part of using Cricut is that you don’t need professional design experience. Also, the Cricut machine is so easy to use that any newbie can make keychains using it. You just need to open the design space software and use the image of anything that you want a shape of. You need some basic stuff to make an acrylic keychain, such as a cutting mat, acrylic blank, iron press, Cricut blades, Cricut pen, etc.

Put simply, you will insert the acrylic blank inside the Cricut. Make sure you place it on a cutting mat so that the material doesn’t move. The cutting mat enhances the grip of the acrylic material placed on it. The machine will cut the acrylic material into your desired shape. After that, you’d simply remove it, color it, and you’ve got your favorite desired-shaped keychain ready.

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Keychains with Your Brand Name or Logo

Be honest! Wouldn’t you like a keychain of your favorite restaurant or any brand? Not only do they look so amazing, but they reflect your adoration for a brand as well. At the same time, it promotes that brand as well.

You can also provide your staff members these keychains. Make sure you put some extra glamor over them so that they don’t look very generic. If you run a shop, you can give these keychains as gifts to consumers who make purchases from your store.

These acrylic keychains are an excellent way to promote your brand or business. They are versatile products that we can use for a variety of purposes, from promoting your brand at trade shows to thank-you gifts for clients and customers. Above all, people will love to keep them with them as they’d look super cool, provided that they’re made of good quality material and fine artwork.

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Keychains Engraved with Names or Catchphrases in Your Favorite Font

If you want to say ‘I Love You’ to your S.O. or any of your family members or friends, you can engrave it on an acrylic keychain and gift it to them. Although engraving is not something everyone would do perfectly, you can get your acrylic, wooden, plastic, or even metal keychains engraved at an affordable price through an expert. You need to go to an engraver nearby, and he’ll engrave the phrase or word on your keychain.

These keychains look super cool as they have text engraved on them in special fonts. It shows whoever you give it to the effort you put into making that keychain. And they’d gladly carry it everywhere because it looks very aesthetic and also it has your adoration for them stored in it.

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