College Search Tips for Christian Students

Searching for a school with a religious orientation can take a while. These pointers and suggestions are meant to speed up the process to help you find the college that can provide training, hone your skills, and equip you with what you need to make a bigger difference in the world. Some of these tips may help you. And some of them may change your life if you let them. 


Your faith is an important part of who you are. It’s a core part of your personality, and finding a private Christian college online with particular affiliations can be an excellent match for someone like you. If you have elderly loved ones and often volunteer in homes for the elderly to spend more time with seniors, a school that requires students to undergo that experience can be worth considering.


What courses does the college offer? Does it include the course you want to take? Go over the list of majors and classes. Be sure to check if those courses are offered on campus or online.

Online Options 

Which courses are available online? And what does the school’s online program entail? Are there modules that you can follow easily? How long will the coursework take? What about assignments? Remember to check the time for the classes. The last thing you want is to sign up for a class that you’ll often miss because your work schedule is the farthest thing from being flexible. 


What are the student codes like? That gives insight into campus life and what new or incoming students can look forward to when classes start. That includes rules on behavior, dating, clothing, and sometimes, even food choices. Keep in mind that these rules are in place to improve your learning experience. 

Student Life 

Choosing a Christian college often means joining a community. You’ll want to learn more about the lifestyle of students on campus. Are there art programs? What contests or activities do students get excited about? What do they do for fun? Are sororities or fraternities a regular part of the student’s life? Are these activities or events aligned with your values and belief systems? 


Some of the best colleges are also located in amazing states, offering beaches and mountains. That gives you so much ground to explore. If you love the thought of going to a school that’s away from the city but pretty much close to nature, you’re in luck. Consider North Carolina campuses that fit the bill. In addition, if you’re going to be moving away to college, choosing a school located in a town where the cost of living is low can also help you stretch your budget and reduce your expenses. 


What is the student vibe or culture? What do you feel when you look at the school’s Facebook page or Instagram, which is often run by the student body? Do you get a sense of their values or how the Christian faiths are represented? Do you see them and think that you’ll thrive in the same environment?

Tom Hardy

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