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The name hoverboard first appeared in the sci-fi comedy film Back to the Future in 1985. However, it was more of a classic skateboard that was described as floating above the ground. Translated it means “floating skateboard” The current hoverboard of modern times have little to do with it. A hoverboard is a fun sport device with two motorized wheels, which are moved by shifting your weight. A comparable product are the well-known Segways. However, hoverboards do not have a handlebar and technically work slightly differently than Segways. Hoverboards can now be found in almost every child’s room. For the first time in the years 2013 to 2015 there was a big boom in e-boards. After that it became a little quieter around the small electric speedsters. Hoverboards celebrated a global comeback. There are now dozens of models from various brands in all colors and designs. Buy a hoverboard , but are unsure which product suits you best? Our specialists will be happy to advise you without obligation.

How does a hoverboard work?

Even if hoverboards seem futuristic, the technology behind them is not rocket science. Basically, there are three main components that make up a self-balancing board : Two motorized wheels, a powerful battery and a control board with integrated inclination and pressure sensors. Once pressure and tilt is detected on both footprints, the e-board’s independent motors are powered. So you can move the hoverboard forwards or backwards and to the right and left by shifting your weight.

How do you ride a hoverboard?

When riding a hoverboard, you should always wear protective gear (helmet and wrist pads). Because with untrained balance you can quickly lose your footing on the e-board and sometimes serious injuries can occur. Every beginning is known to be difficult. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you hold on to a table or railing and stand on the hoverboard with both feet during the first attempts at driving. Once you have a firm footing, you should stand up straight and look straight ahead. Then try to gently shift the weight forward or backward. You will quickly find that your hoverboard reacts very directly to your body movements. Expert tip:Just think in your head the direction you want to go – your body will then very slightly automatically shift its weight in that direction. In this way you can achieve success relatively quickly and have a lot of fun with your new hoverboard.

How do you steer a hoverboard?

To steer your hoverboard, stand with both feet on the hoverboard seat it by shifting your weight. The pressure sensors on both treads are like the gas pedal for the left and right motor of your e-board. So if you lean more forward on the left than on the right, you’re steering your hoverboard to the right. The steering takes some getting used to at first with a little practice, however, you will quickly internalize how to steer and soon be safe on the road.

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