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Trekking to Pangarchulla Peak is a strenuous journey among the towering Himalayas. 

  6 Nights/7 Days Exciting Trek, Pangarchulla Peak Hike is located at an altitude of 15,096 meters. During this trip, you will pass by the pilgrimage sites of Uttarakhand. The trek starts and ends in the vicinity of Dhak, a village a few kilometers away from the “Joshimath Market” from the base camp. Pangarchulla Peak is a great delight for Himalayan adventure seekers as it is spectacular in summer and exhilarating in winter. 

 Pangarchulla Peak is a notable smaller version located near the Kauri Pass trek in Uttaranchal in the Chamoli region of the state. 

 When is the best time to Trek Pangarchulla Peak? 

 Pangarchulla Trek is perfect for those who are deeply passionate about mountaineering and consider it a special goal in their life. This is a very beautiful uphill trek in the Himalayan Chamoli region of Uttarakhand. 

 We are locals from Uttarakhand who have been doing this journey for centuries and have all the necessary experience. 

 The best time to do this excursion is between winter and summer, especially from June to July. During these times, there is a lot of greenery and even some snow on the peak, making your hike both memorable and challenging. Therefore, this hike should not be considered too easy. 

 The daytime temperature of Pangarchulla Trek varies between (winter daylight hours -5°C to -10°C and night temperature (winter night -10°C to -18°C) 

 If you wake up with the immediate aftermath Second, Pangarchulla trek can always be your closest to heart.Views and treks of Pangarchulla trek offers a lot of harmony to the mind during the day 

 How difficult is the Pangarchulla trek? 

  The Pangarchulla trek is neither very difficult nor very easy but falls under moderate and difficult categories. I did the entire hike with  first timers and often we  had to help them when they needed it. 

 This trip is still a bit difficult, but you can do it if you are physically fit and motivated. If help is needed, our guides will help you;  you just need to  be physically fit and able to complete the trek. First, as passionate as I am about it, visitors can only be brave. 

 Joshimath Pangarchulla Peak Camp Details  

 At an altitude of 1,875 meters, this picturesque town of Chamoli is hidden among the high peaks of the Himalayas. It serves as  the starting point for 10  treks over the Himalayas as well as the gateway to famous pilgrimage sites like Amarnath Dham and is associated with a special sahib. 

 Due to the presence of old temples, the air is spiritual. It contains one of the four “mathematics” of Atharva Veda by Adi Shankar Acharya. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Joshimath exudes a peaceful charm. 

 The pious ancient temples of the region, quiet streams and rivers covered with lush greenery entice you to return again and again. amazing market 

 Why should you travel to Pangarchulla Peak? 

 It is very important to understand the reasons for choosing the Pangarchulla peak trek before proceeding with the journey. 

 First, the journey must be completed in six nights and seven days. You have to walk 

6 km and take a taxi for a total of 625 km. The 

 Pangarchulla Peak from Dehradun and back is a tough trek that climbs to a height of 15,096 feet. 

 Alkupolku is moderate compared to other hikes, but this hike is difficult. This trip is not suitable for beginners. 

 A large number of heavenly bodies can be seen in one place, for example a great view of the Himalayan mountains, pine forests and various types of plants. 

 Consider spending  your free time interacting with places to learn more about their local culture and even  ancient Indian mythology. 

 Great views require proper photography equipment and extra battery. Only 12 kg must be carried in the backpack. 

 Main Attractions of Pangarchulla Peak Itinerary: Six Nights Dehradun to Chandigarh in 7 Days 

 Base Camp: Joshimath 

 Summer Temperature: Day (5-15°C) Night (2-8°C) 

 Winter Day – Low 2°C – -5°C. (-5 to -12 °C at night) 

  Pangarchulla peak is 15096 feet high. 

 Best season: All years 

 Travel difficulty: Medium 

 Journey length: By taxi 625 km – On foot1 km

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