For many decades now ever since the invention of the camera in 1816, there have been many photographers and as we move forward photography is one of the highest paid jobs in the world. Whether you’ve a man in your life who just loves to enjoy taking photographs or he’s a professional photographer, Valentine’s is the perfect time to take them to the city or any other places where he must have desired to travel and has picturesque views would be an amazing place to travel on Valentine’s Day. But there are many other gifts that you can give them on this valentine day. For sure you can find perfect Valentine’s gifts for your boyfriend hereLet’s look at them – 

Wooden wall Map with your pictures on it 

You must have one wall in your house that you must have thought of giving a new look to. So this Valentine’s day you’ve two options: either to get a half map of the world to the places you’ve already been to and stick your photos on those places that were the best from that trip. Or if you have not been to many places then take a blank map and add on to it the best spots using a filler heart across the world map for photography you wish to travel. 

Photographers paradise – Islands 

Islands are often termed as photographers’ paradise. Whether you are married, thinking of getting married or engaged and have not taken a holiday for a year or so, then travel to the nearest or to a far off island like Santorini, Maldives or anyone that you are yet to discover. Even if your boyfriend is a photographer he would like you to take time off and you can surprise him with a romantic photoshoot in mountains,on the beach and in the forest. 

A set of camera accessories 

Every human who is passionate about their job would be delighted to receive a thoughtful valentine gift. Now instead of going for the usual romantic gifts you can choose to give something smart. Some camera gadgets are lens hood, tripod stand with smart phones control, camera and travel backpack and many more like this. You can order valentine gifts online and give it to him at midnight. 

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Create “take a picture” spot at home 

If you happen to be hosting a valentine’s party at home then this will be a perfect gift for someone who loves taking pictures as on traffic ge can take not only your pictures but other guests can enjoy that spot too by creating memories for a lifetime. 

Love picture pillows

 You must have taken some of the best pictures together that are still in your photo album. This time recreate the memories by getting your favorite pictures painted on the pillow covers by a painter and not at a shop, this will be the most romantic present you would have given your boyfriend until now. 

Camera shaped chocolates with flowers

In the modern world anything is possible and so ask a baker near you to create a few chocolate flavors that your boyfriend enjoys and these could turn out to be an amazing  Valentine’s Day gift. In fact your work doesn’t end here. If he has any favorite flowers then you can get them shaped as chocolate and order some other valentine flowers for decorating your house. 

Set of preserved flowers

With advancement in technologies now we’ve flowers that can be stored for  three years and still retain their beauty. Something, that your boyfriend can always keep in his office and have sweet fragrances of you all the time. 

Instant camera printer 

This would surely be the best gift for a man who loves photography because other kinds of cameras with instant photos cost a lot. However in the market you can find instant printers that take  about fifteen seconds to print a photo and can be easily taken to a travel spot. So this could be a perfect gift for him when he’s traveling either with you or alone. 

Vintage Camera 

If he has studied photography he would be well aware of which of these vintage cameras are the best. Ask him about these at least  a month in advance. Then before Valentine’s look up  for the same camera and surprise him by packing it  in a camera shaped cake of the same style. This will be the best gift he would have received until now. 

Tom Hardy

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