Best Technological Inventions in the Past 10 Years

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Everything in life can be disappointing in one way or another, yet technology is the only aspect that never fails to surprise us. And each time something new emerges, it leaves us stunned. When we wonder about some major inventions, most of us jump into electricity and telecommunication. But there’s so much more than that. 

Although we must appreciate the masterminds behind the thought, the latest advancements have surpassed our expectations. The past decade has been about the tech boom and an increase in tech-savvy products. 

For instance, you must have seen touchable screens at various restaurants, enabling people to place their orders themselves. This has gotten many people contacting top LED display screen suppliers in Dubai to get these latest screens.

This guide will talk about some of the best technological innovations and how they’ve transformed our lives for good. So, keep on reading! 

  1. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence has begun to make its presence felt in all technology areas. It’s a field of science concerned with building machines that can learn, reason, and act in a way that would typically require human intelligence. 

Also, it involves data whose scale exceeds what human knowledge can interpret. With that, it became one of the most sought-after technological innovations.

  1. Internet of Things 

IoT is a shortened phrase for the Internet of Things. IoT has changed how organizations function. This technological advancement has modified the way the manufacturing industry functions and operates.

Besides this, IoT has marked its presence in applications like smart homes, a concept where all the appliances are connected and can be controlled remotely. 

In addition to the above uses, IoT contributes to the medical industry by remotely tracking the patient’s blood pressure and heart rate and in health monitoring devices like pacemakers.

  1. Computer Vision

Computer vision is the sub-field of artificial intelligence, dealing with the ability of computers to process, acquire and analyze images. It also deals with extracting valuable data and finding similar patterns from photographs. 

Over the years, we’ve observed the use of computer vision in applications like surveillance cameras, object recognition and detection, and inspecting the production line for defects. 

  1. Cloud Computing 

Next, we’ve cloud computing, which provides us with several features like a centralized database, data analysis, access to prominent geographical locations, renting services off the cloud, etc. 

It has made cloud computing quite convenient for significant businesses and technical issues. Although cloud computing isn’t new, over the past decade that it’s evolved to get used to its total capacity.

  1. Social Networking 

The advent of social networking has updated how we react to people in our social circle. All the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have provided us with a platform to voice our perceptions and an interactive web presence. 

Not only does it grants infotainment, but it also keeps us enlightened with the latest trends. Technology is helping entrepreneurs expand their businesses to reach a broad audience at once. 

  1. Human-like Robots 

The field of robotics has gone through an upheaval with the inauguration of human-like robots; no wonder why it’s a top-notch technological advancement. Those robots can showcase human behavior like walking, sitting, talking, and even playing badminton. 

The latest advancement in the field arrives with the introduction of Sophia, a human-like robot, having human thinking capacities.

  1. Crowdfunding Websites 

Previously, you would have to spend days reviewing the paperwork and preparing it to convince potential investors to invest in your startup. 

As for crowdfunding, it was brought to the internet by a web named Kickstarter, followed by several entrepreneurs. However, crowdfunding technology has modified how it works by raising small investments from a mass audience. 

Whether you’re a team of soundproof server rack suppliers or service providers, you need to present your case and idea only once, and all the investors will contact you.  

Ending Thoughts 

Nowadays, it’s expected to find technological innovation happening in every nook and cranny of the world. So, the trend of creation is still ongoing, and it’ll be staying forever.

Even if we list things out as per our predictions, something new will be approaching the market by the time we reach the end. All we can do is stay updated with our unique imaginations and keep looking out for what’s coming next to amaze us with its offerings.

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