Best DAM Practices: Success Guide for Digital Asset Management

Best DAM Practices Success Guide for Digital Asset Management

From sourcing digital assets (DAs) from multiple sources and systems to storing them in a concise library, optimizing them for different publication needs, and linking them to various products, organizations need to do a lot with their brand assets to create a differentiated product experience. Thanks to digital asset management (DAM) tools, managing digital assets is super easy now.

But then, the mere presence of a sophisticated DAM system does not guarantee your success in this fast-paced digital commerce. No matter how robust the technologies you have at the core and how proficient the teams you may have hired, the lack of skills to master your DAM implementation may lead to a poor product experience.

This handy guide compiles best DAM practices to let you create an engaging visual experience using your digital asset management software.

Perform an asset audit

Whether you deploy Amaze digital asset management software or any other, the first thing to do is gain a good understanding of all your digital assets (DAs). Get to know where these assets are stored and what purposes they will serve. It will give a clear idea of which of these DAs is of value to which department, team, or individual.

Then create a concise library and store all your digital assets in it. It will give you a centralized view, control, and access to the organization’s DAs. With role-defined access to the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system you can enable the key stakeholders to manage and use the digital assets. Audit your DAM regularly to see if all metadata, naming conventions, and formats are followed accordingly and if assets are placed in the correct categories.

Leverage metadata

Metadata is a set of data that describes and gives information about other data. Organizations must leverage metadata as it helps store useful additional information that describes digital assets and makes them easy to find. For instance, metadata might include keywords to describe an image, image dimensions, folder location, etc.

No matter how extensive your master repository is or how fast it grows and updates, metadata ensures you find the right asset at the right time without moving back and forth across files, folders, and systems. It will also help you improve SEO rankings.

Organize and structure your digital assets

The DAM module (Dazzle) of Amaze Product Experience Management allows businesses to structure and classify digital assets for easy findability. While organizing DAs in a digital asset management system, it is crucial to use consistent formats for file and folder naming. Also, create a logical taxonomy of folders and sub-folders to store this information and ensure that it is structured under a globally-acceptable logic.

It shows that intuitive and structured taxonomy is equally vital for internal teams and customers. Use keywords for file and folder naming as well as meta-tagging assets. Make sure your storage structure has no room for duplication, the same assets do not exist in different folders, and updates made to them should be visible across teams and stakeholders. Amaze PXM’s DAM platform allows you to do this with utmost ease and high efficiency.

Set access rules, grant permissions, and define roles

The next thing you can do as part of your digital asset management strategy is to set rules for access and make sure digital assets are uploaded and deployed as per these rules. Grant access to teams. There has to be a permission mechanism in place to let teams perform their assigned tasks. A robust digital asset management platform like the one by Amaze PXM preloads features and functions to enable users to define access rules and prevent security breaches.

Amaze digital asset management allows businesses to upload, edit, deploy, preview, and do much more with brand assets. Make sure there is no conflicting overlap between departments. And you can achieve this by granting teams the required access to the functions.

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