Apex Trader Funding Explained Clearly!

Apex Trader Funding

Apex Trader Funding is a prop firm that offers access to the futures market, they also offer to fund for trading. This is done through a prop firm challenge, traders pass the challenge and get funded!

This year alone, Apex Trader Funding has surpassed $4,000,000 in payouts to traders, more than any other trader funding company.

Getting Started

If you’re looking to get started with Apex Trader Funding, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to meet their Profit Target and Min Day Traded requirements.

Once you’ve met these requirements, you can apply for a funded trader account and start trading. You’ll also need to pay a set up fee and data fee.

After the evaluation, you’ll be sent a contract that will ask you to provide them with your account details and pay the setup fee. The contract is fairly simple and goes over all the funding rules and payout instructions.

Minimum Deposit

Apex Trader Funding is a simple trader funding program with no hoops to jump through and real withdrawable money. The program offers a variety of options, including the popular NinjaTrader software.

You can choose to trade a range of futures contracts. These include ES, NQ, YM, EMD, RTY American indexes and even wild NKD Nikkei futures.

The company does not have minimum account balance requirements, and you can scale your positions as long as they are within the correct position sizing bracket. This helps to spread out the risk and lowers the chances of hitting a drawdown.

We want a community of traders who are focused on providing help and support to one another. This means not blowing multiple accounts in an effort to hit a “lucky” windfall trade and not changing trading strategies with no system in place.

Minimum Withdrawal

Apex Trader Funding provides its members with the opportunity to trade 23 hours a day, during holidays, news, and other events that other prop trading firms have traditionally prevented traders from executing.

The program has a very simple evaluation process that allows you to get funded in 10 days and start trading for 100% profit split from the first trade. They also allow you to reset the evaluation if you reach your drawdown or fail it, and even get aggressive with larger accounts and restart for only $80.

APEX is one of the few funded trader funding programs that does not add super intrusive inquiries and disclosures to the process like some competitors do. Instead, it simply goes over the funded account rules and payout instruction.

This is one of the most beneficial features of working with APEX. It allows you to spread your risk amongst multiple accounts and strategies, which lowers the chances of hitting a drawdown. It also helps you avoid any traps that some competitors have with contract sizing rules.

Customer Service

Apex Trader Funding offers a fairly good level of customer service to their clients. They offer email support and a ticketing system that you can use to get in touch with them.

They also offer a free trial for new accounts. This allows you to see how their trading platform works before you decide whether or not to invest with them.

Another great aspect of their service is that they don’t charge any fees for futures data. This is a huge deal for traders as it is very rare to find this service free of charge.

They’re also one of the few evaluator firms that let you backtest your strategies. This is a crucial part of crypto trading.

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