9 Car Maintenance Tips For New Car Owners

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It is an undeniable fact that car insurance covers the cost of unforeseen damage. However, prevention is always better than cure because you may not have to bear the cost, but managing even a day without your vehicle is a daunting task. Furthermore, for those who don’t have insurance yet, car service in Dubai is quite expensive, which is why it ensures safety from unpredictable incidents.

Furthermore, a new car owner often knows everything about the steps to avoid what can damage a car physically. For instance, rash driving, driving while drinking and driving while using the phone can cause serious harm to not only the car but the owner as well. Furthermore, breaking the traffic rules can also cause serious mishaps on the road. So, how you drive your car matters for a smooth drive and ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road.

Having said that, scratches on the car can be avoided with these precautions but regular car maintenance is equally important to maintain its condition and increase its life and trouble-free driving.

There are a few basic car maintenance tips that help maintain the top-notch condition of the car and increase its life. Let’s discuss these basic tips:

1.       Refer To The Car’s Manual

We often do not read the car manual thinking of it as an unimportant piece of paper. However, this manual, which we do not give importance to, has all the car details you need to know about. If you want to find out about car specifications or how to fix minor issues, the car manual can educate you.

2.       Learn To Check Warning Lights

After buying the car, you must learn to identify warning lights. There are some lights on the car dashboard that indicate if something goes wrong with the car. For instance, if car fuel is low, the fuel light will start blinking to show that the fuel needs a refill. The purpose of these lights is to signal the problems at an early stage and therefore play an essential role in car maintenance.

3.       Clean The Engine

The overall car performance depends on the car engine. If the engine is faulty, the car cannot function. Furthermore, engine repairs are expensive and can burn a big hole in your pocket. That is why cleaning a car engine not only saves you from expensive repairs but also ensures the smooth functioning of the car. So, keep the engine clean of gunk and use clean oil. In addition to that, keep notice of the oil leakage from the engine as it can cause severe damage.

4.       Check The Car Battery

Like engines, car batteries also play a crucial role in smooth car performance. So, it is essential to keep the batteries clean. You can learn the location of car batteries from the manual.

5.       Top Up Brake Fluids

Another important tip that you must keep in mind to prolong car life and avoid mishaps is to fill the brake fluids. It is so because car breaks cannot function properly without adequate fluids, which can lead to road accidents. So, read the manual to know the required level of fluid and check it before leaving. Furthermore, change the brake fluid if the oil is dark in color as it indicates the oil needs to be changed.

6.       Change Car Oils

Just like other machines like generators, cars also need oil to work. It lubricates the car parts resulting in smooth functioning. Furthermore, the oil filters also need to be changed to prevent the oil from contamination.

7.       Fault In Spark Plug

The spark plug plays an important role in starting the car. If your car requires several tries after inserting the keys in the ignition, it means the spark plug needs to be changed. Other indications of a faulty spark plug are vibration and noises, sudden drop in mileage, and uneven acceleration. So, keep an eye on the faulty spark plug for a smooth performance.

8.       Change Filters

Air filters hold the job of transferring clean air into the car. So, air filters need to be changed to ensure a clean flow of air in the car. Furthermore, if your coolant is not working properly, it also indicates that car filters need to be changed.

9.       Check The Car’s Tyres

Car tyres keep your car moving on the road. Any fault in the car tyre change shop means it is stuck in the middle of the road. Therefore, check car tyre pressure and alignment. If you notice any change or wear and tear, take your car to the car tyre change shop without delay on some other day.

Wrapping Up

In all, car maintenance increases car life and helps claim a good resale value. As it is the fruit of your savings, make sure to keep it well-maintained by following the above-mentioned tips. 

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