8 Things That Have to be in Linux Shared Hosting in 2023

8 Things That Have to be in Linux Shared Hosting in 2023

If we talk about Linux shared hosting then it is the most used web hosting service for small businesses and new websites. It is a perfect option for every small to medium business having a low number of visitors to their website. Shared hosting is also used by startups, bloggers, freelancers, and developers as well.

The reason Linux hosting is so popular is that it will not cost more than 2$ for a starting plan. And it helps new website owners to start their business website without spending a lot of money on web hosting services. 

While there are so many Linux Shared hosting plans are there, here is what you should look for to get the best plan for your website in 2023.

SSL certificate

SSL is a very important feature when it comes to website security. And also Google gives more value to that website that has an SSL certificate. Sooner or late you must need to buy an SSL for your website. But when you purchase a Linux shared hosting plan from a reliable company they will provide you a free SSL certificate along with your hosting plan without any extra cost. So look for a shared hosting plan that comes with a free SSL certificate.

Technical Support

You need technical support from your web hosting provider to deal with any server issues. It is not always possible to do everything on your own, even though there is a control panel. In order to resolve your problem, you may need technical assistance from your web hosting company. You should check what kind of technical support your web hosting company provides if you are buying Linux Shared hosting for the first time.


Always look for that Linux shared hosting plan that comes with unlimited bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth you get from your servers will determine how fast your website will provide content to visitors. For a business website, bandwidth is the most crucial part of website hosting. Because it helps in growing your audience and increasing your sales. 

Multi Website Hosting

One of the best reasons to use shared hosting to host your website is that you can host several websites on a single server. So if you have more than websites for your business you don’t have to buy a different hosting plan for each of them, you can just host all of them to a single shared server. And you can manage all these websites using the control panel. All you need to do is to buy a Linux Shared hosting plan that comes with a multi-domain hosting option.

Money or Credit Back Guarantee

This is a very important thing you have to look for in your web hosting company. When a web hosting company guarantees that if you don’t like their service, you will either get a refund or a credit on your account, it shows their confidence in their services. Also if you change your mind after some time using shared hosting you can upgrade as well. So must check that your cheap Linux shared hosting provider provides a credit-back or money-back guarantee.

Email Accounts

It’s always better to use a professional email instead of a free email account. The target audience will have a positive impression of your company as a result. However, Linux shared hosting is a cheap web hosting option but if you buy additional email accounts that will increase the overall hosting cost of your hosting. So must buy a shared hosting plan that gives you free professional email accounts with the plan.

Free Domain Name

Whenever you create a new website or blog you have to register a domain name for the same. You have to pay for domain registration and depending on the type of your domain name the price can go a bit higher. So must look for a web hosting company that offers a free domain name along with Linux Shared web hosting.

Client Reviews

Always look for a web host that has a lot of reviews and ratings. All reviews might not be good or some are faked by the company itself. But reading reviews give you an overall idea about the company’s reputation. If you have finalized any web hosting company please read their reviews first. Only a quality web hosting company can provide you with the best Linux Shared hosting plans.


A cheap Linux Shared hosting plan is changed much more than it was earlier. The normal Shared hosting package is more streamlined with the requirements of the website owners. It is very important that you purchase Linux Shared hosting Servers that give you value for your money.

If you are looking for a web hosting company that provides the best Linux Shared hosting plans and packages you must consider Hostbillo Hosting Solutions. They provide one of the forest web hosting services and domain name services. Also, they provide all features that are mentioned in this article.

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